The oldest working planetarium in the world

The planetarium room and the impressive radar form the oldest still-functioning planetarium in the world. But there is still more to see! Discover Eisinga's former wool combing establishment, astronomical instruments, a screening room, changing exhibitions and a focus on modern astronomy.

The current position of the planetarium

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The permanent exhibition

In addition to the Planetarium room, the planetarium offers a beautiful collection of astronomical instruments and a contemporary exhibition about our solar system and the universe. Other permanent parts of the museum include Eisinga's former wool combing establishment and an extensive collection of historical astronomical instruments. Modern astronomy is also represented. Non-stop documentaries are shown in the screening room. Experience how Eisinga lived in the historic house and digitally browse through Eisinga's beautiful mathematical and astronomical manuscripts! The interactive permanent exhibition 'De Ruimte' (Space) has been open to the public since 2016.

View our extensive interactive expo

How does a telescope work, what causes solar and lunar eclipses, and how much do you weigh on the moon? These and more questions will be answered in the interactive exhibition ‘De Ruimte’ (Space). Put the earth in motion yourself, let Eisinga's radar turn, and look for the right answer to all kinds of questions.

Brasserie De Stadstuin

In the mood for a drink or bite to eat after your visit to the planetarium? The cosy Planetarium Café and Brasserie De Stadstuin are both located in the former Van Balen coffee-roasting house, which is fully decorated in Art Nouveau style. After your visit to the Planetarium, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with a sweet snack, lunch or dinner. Brasserie De Stadstuin is also a great location for meetings or events. For more information: Brasserie De Stadstuin, +31 (0) 517-382106,

Planeten Pils

A delicious 'ice cold' beer, named after the world famous Planetarium. With Eise Eisinga's portrait on it, it's a 'heavenly' beer.

Temporary exhibitions

'Enkeltje Universum' (One-way trip to the universe), information about ice balls, astronauts and other space travellers exploring the unknown. As early as the beginning of the seventeenth century, scholars travelled to the heavens above with their telescopes. And since then there have been new telescopes – not only on earth but also in space – which can look very far into space. But we don’t only want to see space, but travel through it.
In 1926, Robert Goddard launched the first liquid fuel rocket that went no higher than 12.5 metres. Today, we can land probes on comets and we may soon even fly to Mars to begin living there. How do these remote space trips work? How will things look on Mars? What are the consequences of all those space missions? You’ll get answers to these questions and more at the Eise Eisinga Planetarium in the 'Enkeltje Universum’ exhibition. Return tickets are not yet available.

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